We believe every person deserves the highest quality of life possible. With your help, we can achieve our goals! Together, we can make a positive difference in DeKalb County.
Volunteer Application

Volunteer Information

Mandated Volunteer Hours

Whether it's for a sorority, fraternity, college program, service organization, or employment services, we've probably worked with your program before! We love hosting students and community members at our locations. We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule while you complete your necessary hours!

Court-Ordered Community Service

We offer volunteer opportunities to individuals with court-ordered community services who have committed non-violent offenses. Acceptance is dependent on the completion of a background check.

Volunteer Availability

Our volunteer availability typically occurs during regular business hours, Monday-Friday (8:30am-5:00pm). Rarely, some opportunities, such as events, may fall during evening or weekend hours.


Some programs do not allow volunteers due to confidentiality. We do our best to pair volunteers with their areas of interest. Opportunities vary by program availability and season.

Volunteer Opportunities

Fundraising & More

Volunteer with fundraisers, upcoming events, and other opportunities!

Youth Mentoring

Spend time with children in need of a positive role model!

Summer Camp

Facilitate services and mental health activities with kiddos all summer!

Club 55

Spend time with seniors, play games, and have conversations!

Food Pantry

Support monthly food pantries throughout DeKalb County!

Country Store Thrift Shop

Volunteer at a local thrift shop supporting FSA's programs!

To apply to be a volunteer, please complete the volunteer application. For general inquiries and questions, please contact Rylie Loucks-Kues.
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