Youth Programming

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We believe every child deserves someone that believes in them.

Family Service Agency’s Youth Programming provides mentorship, social-emotional groups, counseling, and school-based services for youth in DeKalb County!

School-Based Services

School-Based Services provides mental health, social-emotional services, and education to children in DeKalb County schools.
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Our services include:

  • Alternative to Suspension allows youth to serve their out-of-school suspension at FSA while connecting them with academic assistance, assessments, counseling, and suspension prevention focused on their presenting issues.
  • Individual counseling in a school setting. This program addresses the specific needs of those experiencing challenging situations. Students can be referred for a comprehensive assessment to determine if additional services are needed.
  • Classroom education on bullying, substance abuse, anger management, mental health, friendship, and more.
  • Bullying prevention is an effective tool to prevent and reduce incidents and severity of bullying behaviors in schools, including cyberbullying. Students learn that behaviors have negative actions and how to replace them with positive steps to feel good about themselves.

Social-Emotional Learning Groups & Push-Ins



Empowerment group is aimed at helping youth identify and apply their power and voice as individuals and as a group.


Managing Emotions, Thoughts, and Actions (META) is a group offered to help youth build the skills to identify, manage, and appropriately express anger and other intense emotions.

Color Me Happy

Color Me Happy groups focus on being creative and exploring the process of making art while processing thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

Building Champions

Building Champions helps students build trust, respect, and peer connections while reducing classroom conflict, discipline issues, and anxiety.

Youth Mentoring

Youth Mentoring provides children facing adversity with strong, enduring, professionally supported, one-to-one relationships that change their lives for the better, forever.



Individuals from 16 to 106 can enroll as a mentor to support a young person in our community!

Eligibility and commitment are based on the program chosen!

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Elementary, Middle, and High School aged children can participate in a variety of mentoring programs in the community or at their school!

Youth 16 to 24 can enroll in Adulting 101 where they will learn about budgeting and skill building from a certified case manager.

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Summer Camp

Little Campers enrollment is currently closed.

What makes Little Campers different?

  • Evidence-based programming focused on mental health, physical wellness, safety, and emotional development.
  • Led by highly trained staff, interns and volunteers.
  • Developed by a Licensed Social Worker.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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