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We believe everyone deserves fair treatment and equal access to services.

Community Action Program strives to help low-income families achieve and maintain their highest level of self-sufficiency by providing various programs. We have two primary purposes: to provide essential anti-poverty programs and to advocate for the needs of low-income households and communities.

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To provide access to opportunities for all low-income individuals and families in DeKalb County by providing education and empowering them with effective community resources and support to increase self-sufficiency and household stability.

Community Action Promise

Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.



Family Centered Services

All services provided are based on your family's unique strengths, needs, barriers, etc. YOU are the one who creates the path to household stability. Your Family Support Specialist helps guide you through this transition with advocacy, support and tools to achieve your success!

Employment Related Services

Your Family Support Specialist will help you find and maintain employment including help with completing job applications, job searches, resume/cover letter writing, and more!

Applying for Governmental Benefits

You know how difficult it can be to seek and apply for Governmental benefits. Your Family Support Specialist will gladly help you apply for benefits such as SNAP, Medicaid, Housing, etc. Your Family Support Specialist will also advocate for you with any issues that arise in trying to receive and/or maintain these benefits.



Information & Referral Services

DeKalb County has a wealth of resources that can help you on your path to household stability. Your Family Support Specialist will link you to appropriate services that will help you complete the goals and action plan you are working.

Food Pantries

Through a partnership with DeKalb County Community Gardens, we offer two Grow Mobile food pantries every month in DeKalb and Malta. These pantries include fresh produce, meat, shelf-stable items, and household essentials. Additionally, your Family Support Specialist can link you with other area resources such as food pantries, essentials pantries, clothing drives, and thrift shops to help your household.



Household Emergencies

Are you going through a household crisis? Are bills piling up? Do you have an eviction notice or utility disconnect notice? Are you homeless? Whatever the crisis may be, your Family Support Specialist will help you every step of the way to stop the crisis and get you back on track toward a successful future.




Your Family Support Specialist will help you create a simple, realistic, and easy to understand household budget based on your unique income and spending habits. Your Family Support Specialist will also give you information on the value of saving money-no matter how large or small.

Time Management

No one knows better than you how hectic and overwhelming your life may be. Don't worry! Your Family Support Specialist will help you take a step back and focus on setting priorities to achieve all the small and big tasks life throws at you. Before you know it, you will set a schedule that will help you achieve not only all the things you need to do but also what you want to do.

CSBG Scholarship

The CSBG Scholarship is awarded to low-income DeKalb County residents who are attending a higher education institution working towards a degree or certification. A maximum of $2,500 is awarded to qualified students!
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Consumer Advocacy Council (CACDC)

The purpose of the Consumer Advocacy Council of DeKalb County (CACDC) is to provide one-time financial assistance to individuals with chronic mental health conditions. This assistance is intended to support the provider in resolving a presenting concern while providing immediate stabilization.
CACDC Application
FSA only accepts CACDC Applications from providers. Applications submitted by clients will not be accepted for consideration.
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This program networks with various social service agencies, community groups, and businesses in the county to better serve the low-income population in DeKalb County.
Please contact us at 815-758-8616 with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have.
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