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DeKalb County TRIAD

TRIAD DeKalb County is a partnership that involves senior citizens, senior care professionals, and law enforcement. Our primary goal is to reduce the victimization of older adults and enhance service delivery to DeKalb County seniors. TRIAD provides the opportunity for providers to exchange information and plan educational and recreational programs for seniors.

Disclaimer: Family Service Agency is the fiscal agent for DeKalb County TRIAD. This is a community-wide initiative.

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DeKalb County Youth Service Providers

DeKalb County Youth Service Providers (YSP) is a monthly meeting for information sharing between youth serving organizations, mental health providers, educators, government officials, law enforcement, and community members. We have over 100 participating organizations, and we are always looking to increase our contact list! Every month we have guest presenters from area organizations to learn about services available for DeKalb County youth.
Disclaimer: Youth Service Providers is not owned by Family Service Agency. This is a community-wide collaborative meeting.
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University Village Collaborative

University Village Collaborative is a group of social service organizations and government entities dedicated to serving the residents of University Village. Together, we provide resources, gatherings, education, and opportunities. This meeting occurs monthly in University Village. We are always looking for current UV residents and new partners to join us!
Disclaimer: Family Service Agency is the fiscal agent for University Village Collaborative. This is a contracted effort organized by several partner agencies, including the City of DeKalb.
03.12.2024 Event
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